Friday, December 14, 2012

hookin' up...helmar and simple stories

So I paired up some Helmar with some Simple Stories.  I used the Take a Hike collection and if you are looking for some bang for your buck, this is it!  I created 5 project life pages and two layouts.  I still have enough paper and stickers to create a ton more.  Seriously.  Great stuff.  Prepare to be AMAZED...

But wait, there's more!!!

I know right know you are thinking..."Oh no she DIDN'T!!"  I am here to say, "Oh yes, I DID!" Here are some more....

To adhere the photos and papers, I used a combination of the ACID FREE GLUE as well as the QUICK FIX ADHESIVE RUNNER.  They rocked!
Have a super day!  By they way, you can make it EVEN MORE SUPER if you try out some  HELMAR AND SIMPLE STORIES  just like I did!! :)

PS-  All stamps used are, of course, from the UNITY STAMP COMPANY.

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