Thursday, December 11, 2014

hey there hip hop!!

happy hip hop everyone!  as i get ready to take photos for out wacked out christmas card, i was inspired to put up this fun family layout (using SMAK stamps).  i just love documenting out family's unique tradition and behaviors.  when the photo below was taken (by the amusement park worker), the guy said it waS a first for him...he had never taken a photo of a family "like this" before.  music to my ears!!   

big stuff is going on at unity today!  LOTS and LOTS of donna downey NEW RELEASES today.  they are a must see, that is for sure.  

Check this out:
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and how cute is this?!?!

enjoy your hop and the rest of your day! :)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

HAppy ThanksGiviNg hOp!!!

So I am kickin' it old school on the blog today.   I have some throwback Thursday layouts to share from unity's early days.   Check it:  

I am so very thankful for Unity Stamp Company.  They are awesome and generous and make the best stamps EVER!!!

Don't forget to leave a comment on the blogs for a chance to win a unity prize package!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


omg!  i have been gone for what seems like FOREVER!!  i literally have not scrapbooked for THREE MONTHS!!  shut up!  it sucked.  on june 30th we had torrential downpours and record rain amounts.  megan and i were trying to get home from basketball through flash floods and it took forever.  seriously, cars and trucks were up to their DOORS in rain water.  it was crazy.  meanwhile, back at the ranch (style house), we lost power...and our sump pump went out (we live country style)...and our (finished)basement FLOODED.  it was crazy.  we lost a bunch of stuff and had to get all new flooring.  the great part was that my scrapbook room had very little damage (besides the floor).  the bad news is we had to pack everything hastily away in boxes for the whole rest of the summer while we repaired and replaced.  did I mention "the whole rest of the summer" know, when i DON'T WORK (because I am a teacher) and have bunches of time to scrapbook?!?  yeah.  this summer nada.  zip.  zilch.  no scrapbooking.

while we are still putting in new baseboards and such, most of the work is finished and i can (slowly) unpack my scrapbook stuff.  BOO-YAH!!!  here is what i completed last night:

check out these rock star deals at unity right now:


We have TWO amazing Unity filled prize packages to giveaway.  Leave a comment on EACH blog in the hop (including the Unity blog) for your chance to win.  The winners will be announced Saturday night on the Unity blog.

have a super Thursday! :) here is where you go next:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hip Hop Thursday SMAKdown!

It seems I may sound like a broken record, but I love me some SMAK stamps!  I am strictly a scrapbooker and I am here to testify that you can use these stamps over and over again on all sorts of layouts and project life pages.  Over. And. Over. Again.  Seriously.  It's a great investment.  Plus you don't have to shop around or leave your house.  it just comes automatically to you mailbox each and EVERY month! You just can't beat that with a stick, now can you?! 
Here is a peek at this month's(June 2-14) kit:

Because I like to mix and match my smack kits, I also included stamps from the January SMAk kit, December 2013 SMAK kit,  and March SMAK kit as well.  The circles in the bottom right  came from the Layers of Life.   

Pattern Paper used for both layouts:  The Paper Studio

Have a super, scrappy day! :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

happy hip to the hop!

hey hey! ok, now it is the end of may and it is hoooooooooooooot.  what i wouldn't give for an air conditioned classroom!!  ugh.

so anyway, here's a bit fo eye candy for you.  the stamps are from unity's SMAK kit.  LOVE those things!!

keeping it short and sweet today due to my teacher-end-of-the-year-problems. :) 
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

hey hey hip hop

omg.  it is MAY.  and it is FREEZING.  and i have about 5 more weeks (because of 1 heat day and 5 cold/snow) of school.  crunch time.  and crazy times. :)
i have a little throwback thursday layout here in honor of the month of mother's day.  it is from about 6 years ago and it cracks me up!  i haven't done this type of documentation in a bit so i will have to try it again this year.  i am sure their answers will be very different at ages 16, 13, and almost 10.  i doubt anyone of my kids will think they can buy me a hot tub or car for only $100. :)

be sure to start your hop here at the unity blog spot. there are new releases today inlcuding som sweet suzi blue!
AFTER MY BLOG, POP OVER TO CHECK OUT JOLANDE.  have a super first day of may!! :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

hip hoppin" with some project life!

i just cannot say enough good things about scrapbooking project life style....and then to marry it with UNITY STAMPS , well that is just like a little slice of heaven on earth!  check it:

ah....perfection. ;)
head on over to see JOLANDE and her super cute blog!