Monday, December 24, 2012

getting all sorts of crazy over here!

So, if you have read any posts I have ever written, you will know that I am in deep love with 450 Quick Dry Adhesive liquid glue and Quick Fix Adhesive Runner. Today I am here to profess my new love....
Helmar's Decoupage. It is fan-freakin-tastic!
I like to use chipboard letters. A lot. I found out that with this nifty Helmar Product, I can customize my letters anyway I want. Check it:
First I inked up my letters to a color of my choosing. Fancy!
Then I used a foam brush to use the Decoupage to shine them up a bit. The drying time was less than expected...about two hours (give or take).
Final product:
Playmates - Copy (3)
Up close and personal:
So be like me (the chick who does not enjoy change) and try something new in your crafting world. If it is related to Helmar, you can not go wrong!
:) Jen Erickson, Helmar Design Team
PS-Just gotta say that I DID indeed use the QUick Fix Adhesive Runner to stick down my papers and photos. I also used the 450 liquid glue to make my letters stick. Still love my old favorites!!! ;)

stamps used: unity stamp company

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