Tuesday, October 16, 2012

lovin' me some adhesive runner!

hey there! can you believe it is already the middle of october?! i can't. the crazy thing is that in illinois today, we are expecting a high of 73! kinda crazy. i am looking forward to the colder months when it is too cold to go outside and then i have an excuse to stay inside and scrapbook. :)
speaking of scrapbooking...check this out:
this is what happens when you go outside in the winter! an iceball to the face. it's important to just stay inside and get crafty. proof! i have had trouble in the (very distant) past adhering journaling paper strips to paint. i used quick fix adhesive runner and it rocked. see here:

i also used it on all of the papers and photos in the previous layout and this one as well...

it is so sticky...i love it. i know i have probably said this about 800 times now, but i highly recommend the adhesive runner is you are a scrapbooker. try it!

have a super (taco) tuesday! :)

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