Wednesday, July 4, 2012

sparkle, pop..hip to the hop!

hey there!  i am hoping that every one of you had a SUPER 4th of july!  my dad (bill albracht) is running for illinois senate so i walked with him in the east moline parade.  the heat was OPPRESSIVE. serisouly hot.  110 degrees with the heat index.  we had to be there an hour early and stand around on the black top for an hour.  then we walked for an hour and a half in that HOT HOT HEAT.  i am totally old lady now because the heat got to me in a way it never has.  by the end of it, i was sick!  i had to lay in the car with the air on for 25 minutes before i could even drive home.  eek.  bad news.

my dad (bad pic, but it was hot and i was out of it)
me and my brother, clint

jessi and nick , my other brother and the chick he's gonna marry

my BFF, deb
proof that republicans (me) and democrats (her)CAN get along :)
on my way home i picked up a mcdonalds fountain pop...and felt sooo much better.  apparently it works for both hang-overs AND heat exhaustion! ;)

but let's get to why you are really check out some UNITY!
and if you scroll down a bit, you will notice this layout is SIMILAR (yet not the same) as another soccer layout i made for my older daughter.  they both took first place in the same tourney. :)

and how about a little project life since i am OBSSESSED with it.

hey...and by the way...all of my adhesive was helmar products.  and hot off the press info:  you can now ORDER HELMAR DIRECTLY OFF THE WEBSITE! how exciting is that!?! 
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jolande said...

Always nice to see your LO's

Thienly Azim said...

Sounds like you had a great day! (well except for the hot weather and feeling sick part!) Love your layout and your project life pages - so fun!

Laura Jane said...

Great layouts!

Linda said...

hey cool projects and great pictures

Lisa H. said...

great pics and fabulous layout. love the banner across the top!

mlady012 said...

Great look & layouts