Thursday, August 11, 2011

goin' smaller...whaaaat?!?!

yeah.  that's right.  i said it.  GOIN' SMALLER.  well, not permanently, but for sure going to dabble a bit.  ya see, i have always been a 12 x 12 kinda gal. always.  no desire to change.  i have gone from the post bound creative memories (now we are talking WAY old school) pages to the top loading american crafts d ring type albums;  that is true.  however i got all sorts of crazy when i was creating CHA layouts.  i busted out some 8 1/2 x 11 pages!  again, i feel the need to say, shut's true!  see for yourself:

but that's not all...not it is not.  see here:

(btw, i made the banner pop using helmar's pop dots)

yeah.  i love it.  and i challenge you this:  TRY IT!  if you have never done a smaller page, do it.  peer pressure. :)

it reminds me of when megan (in the soccer pic above) was a toddler and i was heavy into scrapbooking.  my husband was pretty well trained and would take no less than 3 pictures (35 mm camera style..another old school reference there) of an event or scene.  he would boast, "i took enough for you to do a page!"  granted, that was before when i really developed only 4x6 pictures...but seriously, with the smaller page size, it does not matter how many pics you have to scrap or even what size they are.  and by the way...i was finished scrappping the smaller pages in record time!

by the way...unity is promoting a store today:
they are having quite the sale on older unity stamps.  check it out!
enough talk.  go see karen:

speech bubble
hey stud
banner and soccer ball


Angelica Suarez said...

I love the 8.5x11" size, Jen! It's much less intimidating to me who gets super overwhelmed by the 12 x 12 layouts! Love that stud stamp and I love how you journaled the soccer layout!

Loretta said...

Jen, your pages are so fun!

sharon g said...

I love the retro guy. I love all things retro.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Layouts!!

Linda said...

Neat job on your scapbook page I love the layoutS.

whoistracy said...

I think scrapping smaller can be more fun and challenging! I do 8" square and find I make my LOs a lot cleaner and more graphic this way. So happy that the IHP gals got to play along with you this week- we had a ton of fun!

i {heart} papers said...

Cute layouts!

Angie Blom said...

I love that you went a different size.. way to step out of your norm. They look amazing Jen!! love them both. I love scrapdots!!