Thursday, July 28, 2011

hip hop and sports.

so now CHA is over and everyone is settling back into life again.  i was not able to make it this year (even though i am merely a hop, skip, and a jump from chicago) due to the fact that my daughter's travel basketball team qualified for a national tournemanet.  we went to bloomington illinois...where they made it to the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!  we lost 37-47....but after playing 9 games that weekend, i am ok with that. :)  the girls captured 2nd place for the 7th grade division.  ROCK STARS!

this is my kid after 3 games.  how she can still look so cute, i will never know.  after one game, i would be a hot, red, sweaty mess!
woot woot and raise the roof!  wait until you see the IRON-ON t-shirts i made for the weekend. :)
but wait...there's one more (layout)...keeping on the sports theme.

after my blog, run on over to karen's:

life bingo card
basketballs, speech bubbles


jolande said...

I always like youre LO, it's a little look into your live.

Annette said...

awesome page layouts...thanks for sharing

Karen said...

Fabulous layouts Jen!! Congrats to the girls getting 2nd place too!

Lisa H. said...

wow! another set of great layouts. always inspiring.

Jen said...

congrats to your daughter on such amazing accomplishments! Your LO's are fantastic...and wait, where are the iron t-shirts you made? :)

sharon g said...

I love kraft paper--nice job.

jennifer mitten said...

Great layouts!

jackie 4124 said...

Great LO's. Congrats to your DD's team on making it to the Championship game