Thursday, March 10, 2011


my voice is all jacked up!  it started mid-day friday.  my 1st
graders were all like, "what's wrong with your voce?  you sound funny!"  it was pretty bad saturday morning, but by lunch time it was shot.  you could hardly hear me.  saw the doctor ssdaay...lucky's viral.  7 to 10 days.  boo.
i taught monday but my kids were out of school so my oldest, megan, came to help me.  no so bad.  tuesday...horrible.
it got so bad tat i got to FLICKERING THE LIGHTS (so annoying)
when i wanted the whole group's attention.
i took wednesday off to "rest my voice" (cause  did ya know the speech pathologist at school said whispering is just as bad as trying to talk?!  shut up, it's true.).  i HATE not talking.  i am a talker.
so, i think it's getting better.  i will be back at school today.  wish me luck! :)

so you need to check this out:

this is just the first of many episodes. woo hoo!


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Erin said...

You definitiely had me with the dog layout ;) Love it!

elke said...

I really love dog layouts! Its a perfect one!


Angel said...

LOVE your layout. Hope your voice comes back soon!

Rona said...

cute layout - hope you feel better soon.

Lisa said...


Patricia said...

Beautiful layout!! I hope your voice gets better soon!

Roxanne said...

I lOVE your layout!! Scout is adorable!!!

Linda said...

Your never fell to amzaing! me geat layout and great work too!

stampjourney said...

A photo of two cuties! Great layout! Hope your voice gets better soon!

Carisa said...

lol, i just had to giggle at your no voice. i'm so NOT a talker so that's prob why i've NeVER lost my voice!!! hope you are feeling better and i adore your layout.

sharon g said...

Cute doggy page! Nice and simple!

Shemaine Smith said...

Jen I just know you are one of those teachers kids remember with a big smile when they are your layout!