Thursday, March 17, 2011

hip to the hop.

wup up?!?
anyone live near the quad cities in illinois?!
it was like 65 degrees yesterday!!!
come on summer.  come on. :)

and a side note about that first layout....i can not believe how much my child changed in such a short period of time.  it was about a 3 month transformation.  no one could get over it.  i still can't.  it was like she just stretched out. and since that 2nd picture was taken, megan has changed even more.  she is taller (i literally have to look UP to her to make eye contact) and the eye liner is darker. :)

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Rachel B said...

Great LO's! I love the way you did the journaling and the fabulous month count down!

jennifer mitten said...

Love your layouts!!

Erin said...

layouts on kraft are so trendy-I love it!

Carisa said...

you have awesome layouts and such a treasure to look back on. i can't believe either how much your daughter changed in one year! that's crazy!! she looks so grown up.

Jennifer Buck said...

As always, LOVE your pages, Jen. She's adorable! :) Hugs!

stampjourney said...

Great layouts! Your kiddos are precious!

Rona said...

super cute!! she sure did change a lot in a year!

Purple Princess said...

Fabulous layouts!!

Ola said...

I always love your layouts.... fantastic!

I understand about the change in your kids.... my oldest it seemed like one day he was still a boy & the next day he was a man (he'll be 16 in April), and my youngest is 11, I now slip HIS shoes on to go check the mail,lol!

Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


sharon g said...

How cute that you put the photos next to each other--to see her growing up...

Patricia said...

Wow! Did she ever change in a year! Your layouts are gorgeous! you have two beautiful daughters!

FibreJunky said...

WOW!! She really did change!! Not like a different kid, but definitely more grown up. I wonder if I'll see the same changes once my youngest turns 13.
You always have the BEST journaling on your layouts! LOVE them!!