Thursday, March 31, 2011

april fool's birthday for me (the chick who still says, "yer mom".)

yes.  it is true.  my birthday is tomorrow.  april 1st.
and yes, i am well aware of just how fitting that
really is. :)
so if you live anywhere near the quad cities and want to celebrate and
have an adult beverage with me....
come to pk dugans in silvis friday night.
[all the cools kids will be there. :)]

as for the layout it.  i am a dork, i know.
i still retain a bit of my middle school mentality.
i just can't help it.

like when one of my first graders hugs me and then tells me i smell good, i ALWAYS say, "thanks!
i just farted."
it brings the house down.
i can not help it.

after my blog, pop by wendy's:

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Jennifer Buck said...

Love this one, Jen! So many adorable elements! CUTE!

NoraAnne said...

You crack me up! Love your layout and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Rachel B said...

Happy day early Birthday Jen E! Fabulous LO. And you aren't the only one who still says "yer mom!" It is a favorite saying between my brothers and I... so no matter who is saying it, it is all the same mom!

Angie Blom said...

Love this!! Happy Birthday Sweet Jen.. So that was the smell I was smelling earlier!!hehe... I say the same thing.. I think you are wonderful and you crack me up . I am hoping we can live in the same old age home together.. but I will need depends for all the laughing I will be doing. Have a great day. hugs.

sharon g said...

You sound like a lot of fun! I think we would get along just great. Happy birthday! Wish I could be there.

Charity said...

Hilarious. You're not the only one still saying this, it's a little joke between me, my husband, and my sister-friend. Glad to find we aren't the only ones still out there. Love the layout and the idea for the layout. Thanks for the inspiration.

StampinCathy said...

What a fun page and love the journaling.