Sunday, October 30, 2011

gettin' CRAZY with Helmar!!!

OK, so anyone who knows me knows that i am a scrapbooker through and through. i have NO desire to do anything else crafty...and i am ok with that. however, with that being said....i do have a confession to make: i, Jennifer Lee Erickson, used Helmar products to MAKE SOMETHING OTHER THAN A LAYOUT!!! shut up, it's true!!!

Look here....

see that blingy number 10?? i used HELAMR GEMSTONE GLUE to make it stick!

just for kicks, here are pics of the rest of the shirt. you can put t-shirt making on my resume now. :) was my very first t-shirt. i was a little sloppy on the photo trasfer. :)

but wait...there's more!!! i was trying to put a photo in a frame and it was not fitting quite right. so, i took just a short bit of time to create somewhat of a mini layout to frame:
i used my glue:

and my ALL TIME FAVORITE adhesive tape runner:

have a super weekend and a candy filled halloween! :)

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