Thursday, February 3, 2011


i did this layout for hip hop as a reminder that one day, it WILL
be warm again.  let me tell you, winter has hit HARD
here in illinois!  we got about 20 inches of snow in a 12 hours period
and THEN we had 50 plus mph winds so it was a FLIPPIN' BLIZZARD!!!
my husband is a cop and he was working in the worst of it.  he said there was a snow drift that was about 3 feet taller than the
light bars on his SUV squad right smack dab in the middle of
our road.  and here is the craziest part....
he had to go to walmart to get new windshield wiper
blades for himself and a few other deputies and in the WHOLE
ENTIRE SUPER WALMART, there were only 4 employees working! 
four! and no one knew how to run the register so they rang him up by hand all old school style with a calculator! :)

i pretty much stayed in the house all day wednesday (snow day!)
in my jammies, so my pictures to share are poor.
you can check these out from my local news.

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jennifer mitten said...

Thanks for sharing warmer weather fare! We have been iced in for two days and working on our third. No celebrities hanging out in Big D for the Superbowl yet since their planes can't get here:-)

sharon g said...

I won't shove OUR weather in your face. But it WILL get warm again, it always does...

Tessa said...

I didn't know your hubby was a cop? mine is too! we have so much in common! we had the same blizzard and are out again today!

marilyn said...

LOVE that layout! Funny story about W-M. I'm sure you've seen the stories on the news about the DFW area--we live 50 miles west of Ft. Worth and my husband & son both work over in the metroplex. They have been stuck at home since the big freeze hit on Monday night/Tuesday am. MIGHT get to go to work tomorrow. I hope you and your hubby stay warm and safe.

Brenda said...

Gorgeous layout Jen! Oh man! That weather sounds absolutely awful! Keep warm and spring will come!

Rona said...

great layout - and wow that is a lot of snow - totally missed us but just a few miles north got a bunch - crazy weather!!

Linda said...

I love that unberela and how you uesed it for accenting your layout!

Amanda said...

I love your LO! That's a huge cucumber as well! Your daughter will always remember this!