Thursday, February 24, 2011

hip hoppin' with the cheerleader.

NOTE:  you MUST listen to the CHEERLEADER SONG (by deirdre flint) to the right of my blog on that little music thing.  click on it quick fast!!!  it cracks me up!  
confession time:
i have a daughter who is a cheerleader.  it freaked me out a bit
at her first game when i saw girls her age in atheltic gear ready to shoot some hoops and my kid is decked out in a a polyester skirt,
ribbon hair tie, and pom poms.  my husband calmed me and reminded me
how super cute she looked and how excited she was.
you have to keep in mind that i am a die hard athlete.  i am
aggressive and strong and like contact sports.
can you tell me the last time you saw a cheerleader
slide tackle another one?  didn't think so. :)
so, i watched.  and i smiled.  and i loved it.


sooooo...i am pretty excited to have some cheerleading pictures to scrapbook.  but the BEST part of the story is after her first game of cheering, we were watching her brother play basketball.  unsolicited by me (i swear), she said (and i quote):
"just so you know mom, i am playing BASKETBALL
next year.  it's more my style."
and former cheerleaders, do not take offense...
i too, was once a cheerleader in 6th and 7th grade. (shut up! it's true!) when it came to chosing sports or cheerleading, i went with the sports. :)

and let me not forget to include a sports layout here. :)

dang.  quite the story teller today.  now head over to see wendy:

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girl face
basketball and hoop
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Marcy said...

Fab layouts!! Cute Story about your cheerleader!!

Angie Blom said...

oh my these are fabulous layouts.. love the photo's and the little cheer.. how CUTE!! love it.. she looks like a doll in her cheerleading costume. cuteness!!

Sherri Thompson said...

Such cute layouts and stories, Jen! I have a confession, too-my daughter and I were both cheerleaders...for a while. ;)

Erika M. said...

Love your layouts and the stories that go with them!

sharon g said...

Cute layout. Sports themes are tricky.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Always so much fun checking our your family through your LOs! LOVE when you put stamping on your LOs--it inspires me:)

Tamara said...

I Love it when People show there Kids!!!

Tamara said...

Girls girls girls!! Just want to have fun!!! I Love it!!!

Lisa said...

I love your stories as much as your layouts!!!!

Rea - Whitewood Library said...

Hey, Love your use of Kraft Paper! I like to use it too. I am really not into alot of frill. Love the simple mood Kraft paper sets. thanks for the inspiration.

Tamara said...

But I Just Love it!!