Saturday, November 20, 2010

right on the site!!!

samantha walker stamps

cosmo cricket stamps

cosmo cricket stamps

donna downey stamp

donna downey stamp

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!  you can now get your bo-branded unity (slash-melody ross, cosmo cricket, samantha walker, and donna downey) stamps directly on the UNITY SITE.  shut up!  it's true!!

check out the UNITY BLOG today for all the details on ordering and shipping and sales.  yes, sales. :)  also be sure to check out other untiy design team blogs today for other project ideas.

have a super saurday!  i will be at basketball tournaments all weekend for megan and ryan.  i am really glad that i planned it out and was able to put 3 1/2 years between each kid when i had them.  i can not imagine having 3 kids with basketball tournaments this weekend!! :)


Maria Levine said...

Fabulous layouts Jen! Have fun at the bball tournaments!

cindy said...

Love seeing stamps used in Lo's and not just cards all the time.

lynn said...

love these-esp. the pink and brown page!

Lisa said...

These are fabulous! Have fun at the tournaments!

scrapinmo said...

your layouts are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Work~

Ramsey said...

i always love your layouts! :)