Monday, March 30, 2009

hey there winner, winner!

so, i went back to work today, after a week off for spring break...and then i have report cards due to go out wednesday (my b-day!) in-laws are in town...the dog ate my please forgive me for being late to announce. i am picking TWO WINNERS!!!!! shut up, it's true!
they are DAWN K. and SHEMAINE!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo raise the roof! email me your address at and i will hook ya up!
i leave you with a PARTING JOKE:

if you go into the bathroom and you are american, and you leave the bathroom as an american....what are you while you are IN the bathroom??????? european!!! ha!
( i learned that one when i taught 4th grade. 1st grade jokes are not as funny, i am finding. like, "why did the chicken cross the road? because he needed a tissue. REALLY?!!? i never get it...much better material at the upper grades:) ).


Christine said...

oh wow! after working a lllloooonnngggg midnight shift, i'm checking this out while my 5th and 3rd graders are eating cereal at the table. the kindergartener, she's on the living room floor. the older two, they are cracking up. they youngest one says "i don't get it", we are now ROLLING :o). I read her the chicken one and she's cracking up. We are dumbfounded but still rollin'. lol! thanks for the laughs!!!!

FibreJunky said...

The comment above reminds me of when my kids tell jokes! The older ones will just be dying and the youngest will look at me with this very puzzled expression on her face. She'll come back with some kind of bizarro world knock-knock joke which sends her into fits of giggles and leaves the rest of us going "HUH???"

Shemaine said...

Ohhhh I love the picks!!! Thrilled you picked my name!!!!
Thanks SO much girlie!