Wednesday, February 18, 2009

monkey 'n around!

so, you know i love my unity stamps. well, now i have a super cool new way to store them. it's a cool stamp storage unity from little monkeys . ya just put the cling mount stamps on the cards and slip them into the seleves. everything fits nicely in a sturdy little box. it's pretty awsome! i highly recommend you checking them out.
and, for the record, that IS a sewing machine in the background. it has never been used for the good of clothes. i have mad sewing skills on scrapbook pages. and, that is my talking napoleon dynamite statue. he's says like 22 sayings that pretty much ROCK. i only wish i would have bought one for school as well. :)


Sarah E. said...

That looks awesome Jen! I looked at the site, and am curious...Did you just get the starter kit? How many stamps will it hold?

Tanis said...

NAPOLEON!!! I didn't know you guys were such good friends! Can you tell him I'd love a visit from him too sometime?

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...
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