Monday, October 13, 2008

oxcylean ROCKS!!!!!!

ok, so this is a true story! that oxyclean is a wonderful thing! it's like magic in a spray bottle. i first discovered it when i got mud spots all up the back of my new WHITE soccer jersey. BAM! oxyclean saved my shirt. it even takes out the mud and grass on my WHITE soccer socks from slide tackling! shut's true! so tell all your friends! spread the word. it's the gospel! :)


croppin carla said...

LOL what a cute lay out.......I have never used the stuff, might have to try it.

AliciaSharp said...

You sooooo crack me up at the things you scrap! Great ideas tho!!

Carla said...

You are too funny Jen! Now will the Red Wings save your marriage LOL! (sorry, couldn't help myself)