Friday, August 8, 2008

day trippin'

the weather was beautiful at adventure land amusement park today. here are my highlights.

1. i learned a new phrase from ryan. "big fat mad." he said, "if we don't get to go on that ride, i'll be big fat mad at you." i love it and will now start using it.

2. another new phrase i got from a boy behind me on a ride..."! i dropped that on him like a BOMB!" (re: to the shocking news he told someone)

3. abby played a couple everyone-is-a-winner games and got 2 tiny and somewhat ugly stuffed animals. the first was a little penguin. she named him "PLAN B" wth?!?! who does that?!?!?

4. i had to take a few for the team and ride some spinny rides. not pretty. still recovering.

5. greasy food does not sit well with me. enough said. give me chicken and rice any day.

6. my youngest two love me so much and still want to snuggle and hug in line when it is hot and sweaty.

7. i am in mourning. while descending down the log ride big hill, my all time FAVORITE baseball hat (even though i have others, i always where this one...used to be black, now greyish) flew off. i was really sad.

trip grade A-


Carla said...

I am glad you had a great time! Tell Ryan I am BIG FAT MAD that I didn't get to go too! And Abby where is Plan "a"?

Brooke said...

LOL!! sounds like a great day!! love the family photo too!!