Sunday, June 15, 2008

june 15th: 2 big days rolled into one!

so, everybody knows it's father's day, but what you may not know, it that i have THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD! seriously. no lies here. my dad is the reason i have not and never will be a guest on the jerry springer show. he is the reason i am the strong willed, independent chick i am today. he rocks. he is the one person in the world that i KNOW i can count on no matter what. if i had a body to hide, my dad would be the one who could save me. not that i'd ever have that problem! :)

now, the other reason june 15th is a big day is because it's my 12th wedding anniversary. oh yeah! who could have know that the guy i met my senior year in college at the bar, while he was working as a cop, would be my baby daddy and sweet thing for life!?!?!


croppin carla said...

OOOO awesome lay outs.....Congrats on the anniv!

Summer said...

Love the layouts as always!!!! Congrats on your wedding anniversary!!! Take care & have fun!!