Sunday, April 6, 2008

tag! i am it!

so, usually when i play tag, i am so quick-fast and ninja-like that no one can catch me. in the internet world, this is not so. i have been tagged by angela ( so here are 7 WEIRD/UNUSUAL facts about me:

1. i like the taste of dirt. seriously. i think it may go back to my early soccer days. being on the ground, playing in the mud. not really sure.

2. i used to have the duran duran board game. i made my younger brothers play with me. i kicked their asses! boo-yah!!! :)

3. i played on the boys soccer team in high school. i moved to illinois from maryland my senior year of high school. no girls team. i played with the guys. broke an opponent's leg. my teammates called me "the beast from the east". it was a ton of fun. i was covered on the news and ended up getting a college scholarship that i might not have gotten without the move. i also chewed tobacco with the guys a few times. crazy.

4. i met my husband (of almost 12 years) at the bar. true love found at the bar. he was working as a cop and i was a senior in college. i was hammered when i saw him. i said, "i'm gonna marry that upstanding man some day." ha! just kidding! it was more like, "that cop's HOT!!"

5. i have a pretty bad memory (which is why it good for me to scrap!). i can't remember the song we danced to at our wedding. how bad is that?!?! (neither can ron)

6. i met bill clinton when he was president and he totally wanted me. ok, not in my eyes, but my brothers were with me and they got all defensive and thought he was giving the "the eye". you know, "how YOU do-in'?!" they still swear by it today and we met him in 94. (in case you are wondering, my dad is a retired secret service agent and we met him when my dad was protecting clinton.)

7. i was a rebel in middle school. i got in trouble a lot in school. detentions for goofing, first (and only) F in math, things like that. my dad calls it my "outsiders phase". he kept telling me, "you are not poor or from the wrong side of the tracks. get over yourself."

so i tag:


Carla said...

Too funny! I didn't know you liked dirt. I could've saved all that money on Chicken and Black Bean Falantia if I had known this early :)

shadows of life said...

Ha!!!! You crack me up!! dirt? uh, gross!! :) clinton hitting on you? uh, gross! :)

~*Michele*~ said...

You are too funny!! Just when we think we know everything you surprise us. :)

AliciaSharp said...

I so love your Lo's and my fav is the numbers one! Just think you could have been the one under Clinton's desk! LOL! HA HA!

Sarah E. said...

Oh No He Di-int! I am totally not shocked at the Clinton thing at all! MADDENING!!! My facts are posted. Thanks for the tag! :)

Tammy said...

DIRT!?! Wow, interesting fact! I can totally see Clinton hitting on you but ewwww!!! You kill me!

Hysteri-CAL said...

PML @ President Clinton and your brothers !!!

Fab story ! What a fascinating life your dad has had. I hope you've scrapped it all ??!!!